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How are you using TI tech to create a connected holiday?

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Hi 43oh!


Its the holiday season and that means its time for holiday hacks!  I recently completed my WiFi connected sous vide (using a MSP430 and CC3100) which I used to cook my Thanksgiving turkey.


I'm curious if anyone else out there has come up with some cool connected holiday projects?  If so, post them (or a link) in this thread.  We're trying to collect the best hacks and write up an article about them!


Here's another view of my LaunchPad Sous Vide Controller for inspiration :-D



Thanks everyone!

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My Grill monitor project has been running continuously for 2 years now, and assisted with me smoking 2 turkeys over the past week-



This does not control the smoker, but reports data - and having insight into the roast temperature in real-time is crazy helpful at making perfect smoked meat!

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