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I found this on a control board from a copier. In the upper right corner, in transparent blue lettering, it has a number: "NCOG003".


(Sorry about the pic, couldn't get my camera to focus and the batteries were almost dead)



The only thing I've found online was a German forum with someone else who had done the same thing.

Somebody on the German site posted this pinout for the LCD:

    The display in the picture is from left to right.
    1st ... RS
    2nd ... R/W
    3rd ... E
    4th ... D0
    5th ... D1
    6th ... D2
    7th ... D3
    8th ... D4
    9th ... D5
    10th .. D6
    11th .. D7
    12th .. GND
    13th .. Ub // VCC?
    14th .. Ub
    15th .. Vs Contrast
    16th .. GND



I looked at the board it came from, it seems to agree. The interface looks like it is based on the HD4478, but I want to find the timing sheet before I start experimenting.


Any knowledge you might have about this is welcome!

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