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Happy Thanksgiving,

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... to those of you who celebrate it this time of year

And I mean nothing to detract from your celebrations if you give thanks some other time of the year.


I offer my best hopes and wishes to everyone who has something to be thankful for. ;) 


My turkey:


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In the Netherlands we do not celebrate thanksgiving, but in 8 days we'll celebrate Sinterklaas (which roughly translates to Saint Nicolas).

Sinterklaas is not the same character as Santaclaus, but the similarities are so apparent that there must have been some mingling between cultures.

We eat tiny gigercookies called pepernoten (translates to pepper nuts, although they are neither peppered, nor nuts).

Kids are given presents in their shoes (not socks), by Sinterklaas' helpers called Zwarte Pieten (Black Petes) who enter the house through the chimney.


Sinterklaas on his white steed Amerigo, accompanied by two Zwarte Pieten. He ships his presents by steamboat from Spain by the way.



A Zwarte Piet holding a handful of Pepernoten.



And for those of you who wonder; yes, there are parties who complain that Zwarte Piet is a racist symbol. It is suggested that there should be other Pieten as well, experiments have been done with Rainbow Pieten and Gingerbread Pieten. In my opinion these sensitive people should be sensitive enough not to ruin the story for small children.

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Happy thanksgiving! As usual my MSP430 grill monitor is hard at work reporting a pair of thermocouple temps as I watch the turkey's breast slowly rise to its target. Grill dome steady around 250F (121C) with a charge of charcoal + pecan wood chunks.


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