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2.4" 320 x 240 Color LCD Booster Pack (with and without touch panel)

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New LCD BoosterPacks are here. Both are 2.4" 320x240, one with touch panel, one without.

Both feature the same pinout as their "little" 2.2" brother, same configuration options and SD socket.

Can be used with my graphics library without any changes! 


Available on Tindie





2.4 LCD BP v3.pdf

2.4 LCD BP v2.pdf

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And received. Thanks for sending it so fast.


Since I have time to start using it I started to look for documentation etc. There is no specific docs from this pack I have the feeling, or did I miss something ? 

I have seen in the discussion topic on your LCD library that you have updated code in april . But its a bit unclear which code fits the current boosterpack with touch. 


Also I am looking for  a simple schematic which shows which pin are used by default for this boosterpack and for which functions. The SCK/MISO/SOMI are simple as they are default on the launchpads, but where is CS and which pins are used by the touch/SD.


kind regards


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@@CorB, the pinout is the same as my 2.2" 320x240 LCD, touch controller same as 2.2" Touch LCD.

I will add this information here later on and also update my lib (there are only 3 lines that have to be changed.)

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Hi Rob,


Which of the current libraries should I then use ... the lines below are from your original posting. The unclear thing is that the ugl8 library is for a touchpanel and an ILI9225, whilst the current displays have ILI9342 and would direct me to ugl16.


2.2" ILI9225 based displays (touch panel) - ugl8

2.2" ILI9341 based displays 320x240 pixels - ugl16

I saw a pinout scheme that was made by Rei Velo for energia, that was a helpfull scheme ... if it is stil the same.
On the 3 lines that need to be changed in the Lib, can you share those here ?

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Here's the pinout (LCDs are preconfigured for new pinout.)

Pos/Pin   CS_Dis CS_SD  D/C
New(1)    P2.5   P2.4   P1.3
Legacy(2) P1.0   P2.5   P1.4
P2.0 Touch IRQ
P2.1 Touch CS

As for the library, use ugl16msp.zip (from here) and change the following lines in msp.h

// chip select
#ifndef LCD_CS_PIN
#define LCD_CS_PIN BIT5 // from BIT0 to BIT5
#define LCD_CS_PORT P2 // from P1 to P2
#define LCD_CS_OUT portOut(LCD_CS_PORT)
#define LCD_CS_DIR portDir(LCD_CS_PORT)
// data/control
#ifndef LCD_DC_PIN
#define LCD_DC_PIN BIT3 // from BIT4 to BIT3
#define LCD_DC_PORT P1

Now, that library does not support touch panel, but there are some touch examples posted by me. Rei's library supports touch panel, so you could also use that one as well.

I am almost done adding touch to my library, but I am not sure when I will finish it, possibly next week.

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Your library Works as planned, thanks !


When I try Rei Vilo's library (107) I only get a white screen ... no further response. That library was however not ment for the current pin-out so I changed one of the routines to follow the current pinout (I changed Screen Chip Select and Data Command). But that also did not solve it.





from LCD22_touch.cpp

#if defined(__MSP430G2553__) // LaunchPad MSP430G2553 specific
LCD22_Touch::LCD22_Touch() {
    LCD22_Touch(P2_5,    // Screen Chip Select
                P1_5,    // Serial Clock
                P1_7,    // Serial Data
                P1_3,    // Data/Command
                P2_1, // Touch Chip Select
                P2_3);   // Reset

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