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"No unused FET found" when attempting to connect MSP430g2553

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Hello all,


I have been attempting to get this MSP430 to connect nicely with Energia (and Code Composer Studio)  but it simply doesn't work, throwing the "No unused FET found" error no matter what I do.


I have followed the Energia Guide for Windows, installing Code Composer Studio and the drivers for the MSP430 separately to attempt to get that to work.


The MSP430 works and connects fine on my home desktop computer, but does not work on my current laptop which is what I would like to use at school for MSP430 projects.


If I use Tools> Update Programmer, it still gives me the same error.


Under Tools>Serial Port, there are no ports listed until I plug in the MSP430, then the green LED goes on and COM7 becomes available in that menu


  • model of LaunchPad used and revision number: Revision 1.5
  • model of the MCU used: MSP430g2553
  • OS the IDE is running on: Windows 7 32-bit


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