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Is this 38KHz PWM ?

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Unfortunately I have no osciloscope , is this PWM OK to use it for an IR-Signal?

#include <msp430g2553.h>

void main(void) {

   int counter = 26; // Is this correct?

  WDTCTL = WDTPW + WDTHOLD;        // Stop watchdog timer

  P1DIR |= BIT6;                   // Set P1.6 to output direction
  P1OUT &= ~BIT6;                 // Set the green LED off
  P1SEL |= BIT6;                  // Green LED controlled by PWM

  TA0CCR0 = counter;                // Count limit (16 bit)
  TA0CCR1 = counter/2;              // 50% duty cycle
  TA0CCTL0 = 0x10;                 // Enable Timer A0 interrupts, bit 4=1
TA0CTL = TASSEL_2 + MC_1;        // Timer A0 with ACLK, count UP

  _BIS_SR(LPM0_bits + GIE);        // LPM0 (low power mode) interrupts enabled


#pragma vector=TIMER1_A0_VECTOR    // Timer1 A0 interrupt service routine

  __interrupt void Timer1_A0 (void) {

                    // NOOP

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Well, maybe. One thing: fix the comment to note that TASSEL_2 means you're actually using SMCLK (nominally 1.1 MHz) instead of ACLK (nominally 12 kHz on that MCU with that initialization sequence).


At 1.1MHz I think you'd get 42.3 kHz with 26 ticks per cycle. Since DCO tolerance on the MSP430G2553 is +/- 6% it's probably not very close to 38 kHz.

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Here's another way

DCOCTL |= DCO0 + DCO1; // DCO = ~300kHz
BCSCTL1 &= ~(RSEL2 + RSEL3);
BCSCTL2 |= DIVS0 + DIVS1; // divide SMCLK by 8 which will give ~38kHz

P1DIR |= BIT4; // port 1.4 is configured as SMCLK out and connected to IR emitter, this will be our carrier frequency, 38kHz
P1OUT &= ~BIT4;
P1SEL &= ~BIT4;	// switch carrier off
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