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Embedded Systems/Electronics Black Friday Deals

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Just a heads up... since many of you are outside the US.. maybe some of us( in the US ) can help forward packages to your country. USPS first class international is around $5 - $7.50 for around 4-5oz. If it fits in a first class padded envelope... I can forward it to you.

1. Order from website and ship to US member.

2. US Member forwards it to you, after repackaging it.


I can volunteer for a few. PM me if needed. Of course, do it only if the shipping cost saves you >$10... 

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@@bluehash Thanks so much!


I think that many of us have already seen this offer but anyway I post it here:


Fusion Special Offer on Thanksgiving Day, share to get gift for you and your friends!


Special offer 1: Save more than 20%
Special offer 2: Gift for your friend
Special offer 3: Share your Fusion order to get another coupon for yourself


More details here:


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For those in Brazil, Farnell has put out a list of discounts. Nothing caught my eye at first, but there are some oscilloscope modules / unlock codes towards the end for which prices seem good.

There are also quite a few items with low inventory and huge discounts, I guess they want to get rid of them.




The document is in Portuguese.

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