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[Energia Library] Simple CC3200 RTC emulation library (ccRTC)

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I've made a very simple RTC library using the RTC method in the PRCM library.


It is intended for the CC3200 Launchpad and has only been tested on the CC3200 Launchpad so far.



  • Uses the PRCM library
  • It follows UNIX Time
  • It was made with the "Time" library of the Sparkcore in mind.
  • It has the following methods:
    • ccRTC.zone()
    • ccRTC.now()
    • ccRTC.year()
    • ccRTC.month()
    • ccRTC.day()
    • ccRTC.weekday()
    • ccRTC.hour()
    • ccRTC.minute()
    • ** ccRTC.begin()

Limitations: (Unfortunately there are a few actual limitations)

  • It is accurate to only about 4 seconds an hour. (That is pretty bad, but can it can be used for non time critical applications if time is synced with an online server regularly)
  • My tests haven't shown any issues so far, but it is not foolproof yet.
  • If you're using an NTP server to sync time, then you'll need to convert it to UNIX time first before you use the ccRTC.setTime()


You can get the code and a basic guide from here : https://github.com/nitred/ccRTC

Additional Documentation for the the functionality can be found here : http://docs.spark.io/firmware/#libraries-timeIt


Its a work in progress and I know for a fact that there's a better way to do it than this but I really needed this library and I hope you find it helpful too. Any and all feedback and improvements are welcome!


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Is the API compatible with that of some other RTC libraries?  If not, might think about making it more similar.

I do not know of a particular API that is defacto standard in Arduino circles, or in Energia.  But there are already 

a few Energia RTC libraries, and I am sure there are several for Arduino as well.  Would be nice to have things work across multiple devices.






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I don't think the API is fully compatible with other Libraries or Arduino's. I think I'll slowly work towards it.


At the moment however I'm not sure there's libraries that will work with the CC3200 Launchpad so I was just filling the space, since I needed an RTC Library for myself. I'm more than happy to deprecate this one if a better library comes up.


Thanks for the direction igor.

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