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Question using: Energia, PWM, Motor-controller-SN754410 and L-pad MSP430F5529

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Would like to try Energia using:  LP F5593, SN754410 as motor controller, 2 dc motor, PWM. (try build a line-following robot) Doing this to learn to use Energia. SN754410 pin use: 5v on 1,9,16, V-motor Pin8, Ground 4,5,12,13. Motor-1 pin 3 and 6. Motor-2 11 and 14.

1)Have just found that SN754410 must/should have 5v. Can the 4 pin for "analogWrite() - PWM " on LP (3v) be connected to SN754410 or must I have "level-shift" betwin them. Would/could a direct conection "kill" the 4-port on Lp?

2)What is the max load for 3.2v pin on LP? Are there any type of current-limit on the LP? Or is  the only limit the USB-connection. (Will use battery when all works. )

3) The pin-map show analogWrite as pink, Can all pink-collor-pin be used, or are there restriction on some of them?


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