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MSP430 Nothing on Serial Monitor

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Hello, I am trying to have my MSP430G2553 on a launchpad (Rev.1.5) show anything on the serial monitor using the following code:


void setup() 
void loop() 
I have downloaded the drivers http://energia.nu/Guide_Windows.html
I'm just not sure what is wrong. I can load the Blink example and get it to work and even making it do other things but when it comes to reading values and serial the launchpad doesn't want to do anything.



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Assuming it's Windows for the installation, or any other OS supporting "plug and play" for that matter, the serial port assigned will depend on what other serial ports the system may have previously assigned. You HAVE to know that serial port in order to use Energia's terminal window to interact with the device. You choose the serial port using Energia's "Tools > Serial Port >" menu.


@@semicolon - assuming Windows, you are correct: serial ports appear and disappear as devices are connected / disconnected, as rightly should be expected.


Worth noting is that if you connect the same device to a different USB port on the computer, the computer may assign it a different COM port. Windows' Device Manager (devmgmt.msc) is your best friend here as you can expand the tree showing COM ports and then watch what is added when a device is connected, and could, if need be, alter Windows' behavior so that it assigns the same COM port regardless of which USB connection is made. This does require plugging the device into the computer on each USB port and manually changing the "advanced" properties of the device to accomplish that.

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