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Model-based code generator

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Just wondering, besides LabView full/pro and Matlab Embedded Coder (I don't think it supports MSP430 fully), are there any other model-based coder? I've been playing with VisSim for an hour or so but it's a very old program. It requires CCS 4.x and doesn't detect the newer v6.


I'm thinking of redoing a control systems course in my spare time and being able to use a model-based IDE instead of a C one may help with giving better visual aid into what's happening. 



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@@rampadc If you are studying control systems... would'nt Matlab be a better tool.. without the embedded part?

I know TI's C2000 is well supported on Matlab.


Oh yes Matlab is definitely being used for the theory. I did the course already and I'm just thinking of brushing up some practical experience. I've never written any code for control application. A model-based IDE is not a necessity, it just nice being able to to write up an application visually.

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