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correct IDE / Compiler for this project?

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Hello, I have a small remote based on the MSP430G2203 that i'm trying to clean and build but i'm getting missing driverlib and uart header files. what compiler do i use to include these? i'm using Code Composer Studio 6.01 and TI compiler 4.3.3

I have attached the project zip file below.


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Thanks for the pointer rampadc, I made sure it was installed and I was able to use the documentation for it to include it in my project.


However, which drivelib do I use for the msp430g2203? msp430f5xx_6xx, msp430fr2xx_4xx, msp430fr5xx_6xx.....

Also I could not find the uart.h file anywhere in the msp430ware folder. I was able to find usci_uart.h, is that the same as uart.h?


Thanks for any help in advance, sorry if these are very trivial questions  :biggrin:

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