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CC3000 BP showing wrong IP on Energia with TIVA C123

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Hello ,


I have been trying to play with the recently bartered CC3000 BP with my TIVA C 123 LP using Energia. I noticed the following things:

  1. Has the support for CC3000 been depreciated in x13 Update as the information mentions :  " Circuit: * CC3200 WiFi LaunchPad or CC3100 WiFi BoosterPack   with TM4C or MSP430 LaunchPad" ?
  2. When flashing the code to the LP(TIVA C123) with CC3000 BP for "ScanNetworks". The serial data hangs after showing:SimpleLink SDK 0.52
  3. I then tried with the older version (x12) I updated the firmware and it kind of started to talk. Until it stuck at the IP. After running the "SimpleWebClient" i got the following output:
Attempting to connect to SSID: mywifi
Connected to wifi
Waiting for DHCP address....
SSID: mywifi
IP Address:
Starting connection to server...
           It doesnt go any forward. I am getting the same IP in other examples also.
How should i solve the issue? Do i need to change router settings? I have DHCP Enabled.
Thanks a lot,
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