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TagConnect TC2050 NL Adapter

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This is a adapter to make up a TagConnect 10-pin TC2050NL. It works very well with the current TagConnect PCB footprint. This post may be beneficial to those who can't buy a TagConnect cable due to high shipping prices or if local stores do not stock them. Cost per adapter is about $4 for me.



+ Pogopin P50-J1: http://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/6227387475.html

+ 0.9mm drill bits: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/271617786070

+ M3 standoff - up to 10mm.



+ Direct order from DIrtyPCB: http://dirtypcbs.com/view.php?share=1669&accesskey=1fb157c034189e070dded66a08caf57b


I don't think I kept the original gerber files. I have a few variations but their PCBs have not been manufactured. I'll include them here just in case. It is best to keep the PCB thickness less than or equal to 1.0mm. I ordered mine at 1.2mm and to solder the pogopins, it requires a fairly tiny soldering bit. As for the drill bits for the 3 mounting holes, soldering was not possible as the exposed copper was too small, thus hot glue was used to secure the bits and it worked quite nicely as you can move the bits around for alignment as the glue slowly solidifies.


Some photos in attachment.










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That looks good. However, I'm surprised you used the drill bits that way up. Wouldn't the other end (i.e. plain 0.9mm pin) be a bit kinder to your target PCBs? Or maybe the flutes mean it holds better that way?


I didn't do much planning to be honest. It's probably a better idea to have the flat surface facing down - much nicer contact on the flat wooden table surface. It shouldn't matter either way, the drill bit is 0.09mm smaller than the mount plastic poles from an actual TagConnect anyway.

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