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MSP430FR vs M0+ which is better for battery-less operation

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@@rockets4kids While I tend to agree with alot of your points, we should assume that @@RFEE has done enough background work on his design to know which parameters he is using as a metric.   This sta

I tend to agree with what is posted before; you do need to care about low power modes, since that's the whole point of using an msp430! A tiny teeny example: you need an ADC to measure... Then start

It is pretty obvious that if you ask which is the better part in an msp430 forum you are going to get the answer that of course the msp430fr59xx chip is the better choice.

As I said before and ill say it again, datasheets not dogma but marketing brochures. You can debate datasheet specs all day but it doesn't necessarily reflect reality. After you encounter couple 100-1000 parts, you learn that datasheets are frequently wrong in some areas and are significantly mis- represented in others for the sake of sales. For example, If you have the tinniest bit of ripple on your supply, or are not in a fully anechoic temperature/humidity controlled vacuum chamber(on the ISS), you may very well see results differ by 10-100x. I learned this after I dealt with a product that had to survive a long long time off a single non rechargeable battery and I had to account for every 0.1uA used. You would read the datasheet, it would perform differently, you would ask the reps, and sometimes it was user error and sometimes the part simply could not realistically perform as claimed.


If I had to make any judgments of geko vs. msp430 in terms of power usage for a given application, i'd get dev boards for both and actually test it. Write sudo software that turned on all the modules I needed & sleeped...ect. Then you arrive at the next great challenge which is accurately counting coulombs. This is tricky when you have a common power cycle of minutes+ and current draw usages that differ by 40db depending on states. Makes accurate integration really tricky over a long period of time and huge range. 

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