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MSP430-Based DIY DJ Controller

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I said I'd post it when I was done, so here it is! It's a Laser-cut USB DJ Controller made with two MSP430G2553s and an MCP3008 ADC. Check out the Instructable I made for more information about the build. If you like it, please vote for it in the contests I entered! Thanks guys!


Instructables Link


Representing the 43Oh!


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I haven't checked out the new Launchpads but after developing on the Rev 1.4 MSP430G-series for so long I think I'm ready to move up. I checked out the F5529 Launchpad and it seems pretty cool! Might have to pick one up soon, I want to make more USB-based instruments/music-related electronics. They're super cheap at $12 too!


I'm still amazed at how much a little IC can do. Integrated ADCs, Timers, USB, UART/SPI/I2C, it's really impressive.


Thanks for the suggestion, I'm going to look at other dev boards from TI now. After getting my friend's feet wet with this instructable, he doesn't want to stop making Instructables and cool projects. Hopefully I have more for you guys soon.

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