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CC3200LaunchPad communications issue

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I've had problems communicating via Energia so installed CC Uniflash and downloaded the service pack. It seemed to work and checked out. But I can't download any sketches to the LP. Two screen grabs are enclosed, one from Uniflash and one from Energia. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I'm at a dead end with this now. The Energia problem was unchanged by downloading the service pack. And yes, I do have the 'wire link' installed on the LP.




Adendum: I'm now told that the latest Bootloader is V3 while mine is V2, possibly the reason that Energia can't download. How do I change to V3? Or is there an old Energia that will talk to V2?



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What is the version number on your board? It seems like it has an old bootloader and the silicon version is also not what it needs to be.

This is what it should be:
Bootloader Version: 3
Silicon version ES1.32
I think you have an older version of the board. These boards were only released in limited quantities to early customers I think. Either way, this version of silicon and bootloader is not supported by Energia. I would get a new board or try to exchange the board you have for the latest one.
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