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Measuring Apple Cider Fermentation

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Just a fun side project, I recently pressed some apples into cider and now I'm fermenting it into hard cider. In the process I added a magnet and Hall effect sensor to the airlock to track the CO2 output of the fermentation process.


I was surprised with the results so far.


Here's a bad picture:




And the data: http://imp.guru/f2c

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@Lgbeno: I've been wondering about the home brewing process.


In your experience, could it benefit from electronic monitoring?


I ask because I am trying to see if anyone would want to make use of my One Wire Master booster board to watch their brewing equipment. 


What do you think?

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@@zeke I think that there is a market for it.


I'm somewhat atypical in that I'm a nerd and home brew very infrequently so my opinion isn't the greatest. I did this more out of curiosity than to actually control some aspect of the brewing process. For me personally temperature would be the same category, I would definitely do it though!


There was a kickstarter called the "beer bug," they raised $59k selling a ~$150 solution (but it monitors more than temp) that tells me there is some genuine interest.


I think that it really comes down to simplifying the hardware & software so even non-tech savy people use it. I don't even thing that the beer bug is there yet on ease of use.

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