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MSP430 custom logic module request

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One thing that I would really like to see added to MSP430 family is custom logic module, something similar to XCL (XMEGA Custom Logic) or PSoC's (Cypress) UDBs (Universal Digital Blocks.)

This module would be perfect for things that have to be done in software today, like single wire (WS2811) protocol for example.

If you can think of any other uses, add it below. Maybe we can get TI's attention if the list gets big.

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Could be useful to implement uncommon encoding/decoding schemes in data streams to/from a transceiver. For example NZRI and bit-stuffing was not supported by the radio I use for my AIS receiver and I had to do it in software, which was a bit fiddly.


If there are enough LUTs and it can raise interrupts, it might even be possible to implement a trigger mechanism that wakes up the CPU when detecting a given pattern.


Maybe they should add it into their ISM radio ICs as customizable fabric between modem and packet handler.


What's the power consumption of this module on XMEGAs?

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@@RobG There's QEI as part of the ESI module on the FR6989 (and others in the family).


To be honest I'm finding the ESI hard going. If that's an example of a flexible programmable module then I'm not sure I'm such a fan. I suppose that it's really down to how it's implemented. It must be quite a task making a module that's powerful enough to be useful, flexible enough to be used, and simple enough to be usable.

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@@roadrunner84, the problem is that modules that are included cannot always perform specific functions you want. Sometimes you need little variation.

@@Fred, what I meant is that instead of having dedicated modules (QEI, ESI, well, ESI has it's purpose, so maybe it's a wrong example here,) we would have one small custom or programmable logic module that could supplement and extend all already included ones and could also be used to add extra logic gates/flip-flops when needed. I had few projects where I could use one or two logic gates on the output/input and external parts was the only way.


Here's a simplified model of what I had in mind.

Outputs/inputs from selected modules, signals, and GPIOs would be connected to matrix (controlled by MCU registers.)

Also connected to the matrix would be ins/outs from several logic units (I have simple OR-AND, but it could be more complex setup allowing any combination of NOT, NOR, OR, AND, NAND, XOR, etc.,) few different flip-flops, and some small simple counters (which could be used for things like delay.)

Some sort of programmable lookup table (LUT) could be used in place of logic units & flip-flops.

There could be one large or few smaller programmable logic modules. 




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I remember atmel went all out, and have an AVR family with onboard FPGA, (or is a FPGA family with onboard AVR?)


Unfortunately TI don't have any FPGA families, so they'll probably never do this.


For the time being, you could add a small CPLD next the MSP. A project that I've been interested in doing, but lack the time.

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