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Connected Launchpad Telnet server

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I have a Mac desktop app that connects to a Connected Launchpad via USB serial. I decided to try to add ethernet port connection. I got tantalizing close but no cigar! I've been stuck on this for a week now so I need help.


I had no problems adding the Ethernet.h library except for something very weird trying to do a conditional import. I have been using directives to compile for either the LaunchPad or the Connected LaunchPad:


#ifdef PART_TM4C1294NCPDT // Connected LaunchPad

  #include "Ethernet.h"
#elif defined( PART_LM4F120H5QR )  // LaunchPad
This seems to have been working, but it doesn't work for the above code. I have to comment out the  #include "Ethernet.h" to compile for the EX-TM4C123GXL, but this is only a minor inconvenience.
I set up a Telnet socket and was able to connect to it using the Unix Telnet program. I could connect, disconnect and reconnect, but the server does not recognize the disconnection. The client.connected() function continues to return true so I only get my sign message with the first connection.
Still, I thought I was ready to go so I added NSStream to my app. It could connect and exchange a few messages before giving me a Stream Code 54: The operation couldn


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I didn't see any replies to my problem so I gave up on the Ethernet connection for awhile, but went back to try again after upgrading to Energia release 14. Unlike release 13, I had no problems upgrading to release 14, no performance problem, but the upgrade didn't seem to fix any bugs for me either. I still have to request a baud rate of 172800 to get 115200 for the LaunchPad.


So I decided to try using the EthernetUDP library since that wold be better for my real-time application anyway. Again I came close to getting it working but no cigar!


Seems that I can read datagrams OK but I can only write the first one. On each suceeding set of calls to:




the Connected LaunchPad resends the first packet and does not send the new packets.


Has anyone else reported this problem? Am I using the library wrong?



Bob Rice

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Can you post this as an issue on the energia github? https://github.com/energia/Energia and then we can apply any fixes with that issue as a reference. I am tempted to play around with that EthernetUDP scenario. I've yet to have trouble with Serial though but I have mine attached to a Linux box (ubuntu 64-bit).


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