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CC3200 ADC Inputs

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I fried analog input 23 on my CC3200 LaunchPad, unless this is another bug...

...perhaps I also killed AD0 (Pin 23). Is it possible, to do that per software with wrong jumper j6? I am sure, that I did not have externally applied a to high voltage



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Almost a year later. I'm having similar issues.


I'm trying to make use of all 4 ADC pins. I have the Launchpad-XL and two of my own custom boards using the CC3200MOD. They all give a reading of 4096 for ADC A0. I don't believe its fried.


I have done a number of things to try it out, but I believe it has to do with how energia activates the serial ports. I'm using Serial1 to read the values.

void setup() {
  PinTypeADC(A0, 0xFF); //This line is strange and freezes the CC3200 only if on A0
  Serial1.print("Starting Program on Pin ");

void loop() {
  // read the value from the sensor:
  sensorValue = analogRead(A0);    
  // turn the ledPin on

Okay, so I used the Pin Mux utility and it told me to add "PinTypeADC(PIN_57)" but PIN_57 is not A0. Thats the first weird thing. So I changed that to PinTypeADC(A0) just to be sure its the correct pin. When I did this, my CC3200 doesn't start at all, it just halts at that line. If I add that line after the serial line  of "Program Starting" then it will print that line, then halt and not give ADC readings. However, if I change that PinTypeADC to A1, and then read values of A1, everything works the way it should. I'm not even sure that I need that PinTypeADC line, but the fact that it freezes makes me think energia is setting some parameters for Serial, even if you're not using it. And this is causing the issue. My guess would be an internal pull-up, which would account for the 4096 reading.


Anyone have any insight into this? I'm going to dig around energia files and see if they are setting the Serial for no reason. I need all 4 ADC, and I can't use an external ADC because they are too slow.

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