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Ok, so this sweet little developer board showed up today. However, TI's software support for this one is horrible. Does anyone know of a link to download the demo sourcecode and/or a spec sheet with better hardware information? The only thing I can find is a copy of the quickstart guide and the standard msp430 code examples.


The pre-installed demos are pretty cool. The accelerometer mouse works but the drivers are finicky in Win7-64 but the virtual COM port (CDC) drivers refuse to install properly and must be removed before the mouse HID demo will work again. And as soon as the mouse demo is turned off, the whole process starts again. I've tried installing the latest USBDevPack and it hasn't fixed anything.


I'd really like to get this up and running soon. Preferably with the SimpliciTi bsp so I can have it communicating with and controlling my evalbot via ez430-rf2500t.

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Off topic: I'm down for helping anyone out getting started in gardening or just any questions about it. Starting the Texas Master Gardener Program in 2 weeks.   On topic: If anyone is interested, I

Ok, Ok. TI gave me a full permanent license for CCS. After porting SimpliciTI to the MSP-EXP430F5529, plus my application, I maxed out the 16k license limit. Now I can have full range for all of the p

Well, I think I found the LCD HAL.   http://www.lcd-module.com/deu/disk/development%20service/DOGXL160%20UC1610/hello_world_DOGXL160_MSP430.zip

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I found a post on e2e that had a schematic for the exp board. http://e2e.ti.com/cfs-file.ashx/__key/CommunityServer-Discussions-Components-Files/166/4812.MSP_2D00_EXP430F5529_5F00_2_5F00_0.pdf


It shows a EA DOGS102-6 LCD display so I searched it out. The driver is a little buggy (as in I don't have it fully working yet but it compiles just fine). The headers show it is for a msp430f5529 but for a slightly different lcd size. Need to go through the datasheet and verify addresses.


Also found this sweet link for the cma3000-d01 accelerometer to msp430 code http://www.vtitechnologies.jp/documents/data_sheet/tn80_interfacing_cma3000-d01_to_msp430_rev_0.2.pdf

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I just verified that the source code is not yet available for this board yet.


I bet what that means is that the code is unstable and there are too many cuss words in the comments. :lol:


For the most part, it looks like the user experience code from the F5438 board is going to be the same. The only differences will be in the new peripherals and features of the board ie: USB, SDCard, DOGL board.


I've sanitized a lot of the F5438 user experience code already. I think it was written by a summer student. The things that guy did are simply shocking. I'm pretty darn sure that he wasn't a well seasoned coder.


Anyhow, you could probably use the UserExperience code from the F5438 and combine it with the DOGL code you found and come up with something reasonable.

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The only thing I'd really like to have going quickly is the LCD. That HAL I found is compiling but not working just yet. All I can get it to do is turn all the pixels off or on but display characters. Found another version but all the documentation is in German.


I did manage to get the CC2500 Library going. http://focus.ti.com/general/docs/litabsmultiplefilelist.tsp?literatureNumber=slaa325a

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I've had a very accomplished day today. Made some upgrades in the greenhouse along with finally porting SimpliciTI to the MSP-EXP430F5529!! It is fully functioning and receiving data from a rf2500t; humidity, temperature and 2 axis gyro.


The transmitter has to be modified this week as Honeywell sent me some HIH-5031 humidity sensors which run at 2.7v instead of the 4031 sensors I was using at 5v.


Big thanks to Bluehash for the LMD18200 drivers. They're going to be used to open the windows with some old Dewalt drill motors and threaded rod.


I had to completely pull my project blog and code. There was an incidence of some theft and I need to protect certain parts of my project until it is completed. If there is any interest, I'll clean up the comments and code for my simpliciTI port and post it here.

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I had to completely pull my project blog and code. There was an incidence of some theft and I need to protect certain parts of my project until it is completed.


Huh? Off topic but please explain this theft incident.


And congrats on the success!

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Thanks! It put a smile on face to see the SPI data scroll across the screen.


I can't get into too much detail on the theft as it's still being sorted out. But, fortunately, I am going through the patent process on my Greenhouse controller. Simply, someone thought it would be ok to take my design and the little bit of code that I posted and just change author names and variable names in the code and create an Instructable with it. Functions and line count exactly matched as well as a hardware picture that had my desk included. I occasionally browse the Instructable site and saw the picture of my hardware and desk which was a definite !

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