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CC3200 pin outs / mapping for Serial / UART

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I am trying to make sense of the pin outs / pin mapping for the cc3200. In particular I am trying to understand the logic behind the RX/TX, RX(0)/TX(0), RX(1)/TX(1) and then the faded out RX(1)/TX(1) pins for UART.


It's easy enough to verify that "Serial.[method]" references RX/TX pins and "Serial1.[method]" references RX(1)/TX(1) pins.


So what about RX(0)/TX(0) pins and (what appears to be) the faded RX(1)/TX(1) pins. How are these referenced.


Then a secondary question. Is it possible to use the TI Pin Mux application to define pins and link this to Energia. I am a little disappointed to see that the default pin out map for cc3200 has the I2C SDA/SCL pins overlapping with RX(1)/TX(1) pins, so wanted to know if I am able to change this using the TI Pin Mux App.

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The faded out versions indicate connections which require changing the connections - usually soldering in a jumper (0 ohm resistor).

(i.e. there is a circuit trace to make most of the connection, but need to bridge the gap.)




If you want to be sure, you can also check the schematic (available as part of the CC3200 SDK).

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