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f5529LP SPI(1) support?

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Hi I was wondering if there is support for the SPI(1) pins that are on the msp430f5529 pin mapping page. (http://energia.nu/Guide_MSP430F5529LaunchPad.html)


I am currently using a msp430f5529 and a CC3000 boosterpack.


I am trying to program a digital potentiometer while also using the cc3000 boosterpack, my code works off of the getweather code to get data from a server with the cc3000, once it has that data I want to program the digital potentiometer based on the value of that data.


I have code working for both the reading data from the server, and also for programming the digital potentiometer which both work on their own, however when I try to combine the two, the digital potentiometer is not getting programmed.  I believe this error is due to attempting to use SPI to program the digital potentiometer while also using the cc3000 boosterpack, so I am currently trying to get my digital potentiometer working with the SPI(1) pins in hopes that using them will solve my problem and not interfere with the cc3000.


Or, if anyone has a suggestion on how to use both the cc3000 and the digital potentiometer with the regular SPI pins, that would be appreciated also.




Also, while im here, the device seems to fail quite often it will just stop reading values from the server after a few minutes, if anyone knows a reason for why that might be happening let me know please.

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