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MSP430f247 to nRF24L01+ Module SPI Problem

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Arduino module works this project Recieve module.


I changed transceiver group module( MSP 430f247 with nRF24l01) address to recieve module Pipe adress. Now both are same.

That doesn't say much about the internal parameters used.  You may have to inspect Maniacbug's RF24 library internally to see what it's using.  My msprf24 library is designed to allow all parameters to be tuned but you do have to know what parameters your other transceivers are using to make them work.

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I resarched Arduino RF24 library yesterday and i found some different parameters yours code.

Channel num: 76

Pipe: 0xE8E8F0F0E1

Wide Band: True

Payload Size: 32

Dynamic Payloads enable: False

I modified transceiver these parameters. Finally,MSP430f247  communicated to an Arduino Leonardo board by nRF24L01 modules over air. I achieve 1byte data send now.

Thanks for your interest and answer!

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