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Hi from Germany

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Hello all,


I'm Michael from Germany. Currently finishing my Master's degree in Natural Language Processing. I've always been fascinated with electronics, but it was always an obscure and arcane cult to me. Heating up acid to make some PCBs, finding a computer with an LPT port to program some mcus.. at least it was that way when I watched my buddy do stuff more than ten years ago.


Fast forward, and it's all about Arduinos and you can get your PCBs made for pennies. Cool stuff, but I never wanted to spend 50

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Hey guys,


thanks for the warm welcome and great feedback. I think I am looking for a normally-closed solution. I.e. if anything fails, it won't drown my plants.

@@zeke, I saw that on hackaday and it actually looks cool - I was afraid it'd use power all the time, but I just re-read it.


@@OppaErich, good suggestion. But i stay clear of 230V. And I believe most of these valves require higher water pressure to operate :(


I might just order something like this from China: http://www.ebay.de/itm/Neu-12V-DC-1-2-Solar-Electromagnetic-Solenoid-Ventil-Valve-Fur-Wasser-Luft-/181560778791?pt=Wasserinstallationen&hash=item2a45dda027

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Yeah, I have to admit, the cheap and easy solution is starting to sound good.. the magnetic solenoid valves draw 300mA @ 12V.

Originally, I just wanted to throw in a couple of AA rechargeables and be done. I guess I could hook up a small solar panel if I use the magnetic valve.


Regarding Zeke's proposal, "Schlauch abklemmen"/pinch the hose: I found out today that there are commercial valves which use that mechanism. The secret is to use a special, flexible hose which does not break down.


The servo/ball valve solution is also very interesting because it does not use a lot of power - essentially the same as the pinched hose. I guess I'll sleep it over..




Found two cool videos. Don't mean to misuse the board as my personal twitter/blog, but perhaps someone else will find this useful:



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