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Alternate MSP430 RF boards?

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The panStamp NRG should do this once it's released. At one time Anaren also sold EZ boards similar to the TI ezRF RF2500T that used the 900 MHz and 433 MHz versions of their CC110x modules, but I can't immediately confirm these still exist. The NRG has a thermistor; for the ezRF ones you could use the on-chip sensor or for accuracy attach a DS18B20 as suggested earlier.

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There is this mspnode project that I worked on a few years ago, It is a very simple with a G2 device and a RFM12B sub-G module. The node is compatible w/ JeeNode (i.e. it can talk to JeeNode devices).




There are pcb files included (not done by me), the green ones are mspnode, the blue one is JeeNode.




Alternatively you can just breadboard the whole thing.




I used the msp430's internal temperature sensor and mspnode code to report temperature upon requests from the "controller" (the one w/ the LCD).

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@@Lgbeno has a nice project, he hasn't made a separate thread for yet, but he posted details here


each board is small houses a coin cell, MSP430G2553 + CC110l RF frontend. A pretty small BOM.



I like the fact that this "droplet" creates a smaller unit compared to the Anaren Air Boosterpacks. I have my home monitoring system built with the Anarens but they arent really small. But then again, the 2x AA or 2xAAA pack I use in combination is about the same size. 



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