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CC3200 PWM and digitalread() behavior

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I am trying to create a project that involves reading all of the digital pins while some pins may be in PWM mode. I do not want to read a pin if it is in PWM mode. According to the analogWrite documentation, a pulse will be sent out to a pin until another analogWrite has been called on that pin, or a digitalRead or Write. I first tried to find a way to check if a pin was in PWM mode, but couldn't find anything. I then called a digitalRead() on a pin after analogWrite() was called.  The pin continues in PWM mode after the digitalRead while the read returns a value.


  analogWrite(10,1); //sets LED to a dim light
  Serial.println(digitalRead(10)); //reads a value, sometimes 0, sometimes 1
  delay(3000); //light stays at same brightness as before


Is there a way to check if a digital pin is in PWM mode?

Why does a digitalRead on a pin in PWM mode not stop the PWM?


I'm using a CC3200 Launchpad and Energia binary from 9/5/2014.



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