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Using a Camera with the CC3200

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I would like to use a camera with my CC3200 and transmit the feed over WiFi using enregia.  Has anyone done this before?


I fount a Booster pack for the camera here, but it doesn't seem to be out yet.


I am also found the MT9D111  which seems to be the camera to use with the booster pack.


As far as code, I don't see anything in the energia references for image processing.

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anybody figured this out?

It depends entirely on what camera module you pick.


Alot of the cheap ones internally encode the image as a jpeg and then you serially extract it as a binary stream. These cameras are only really useful for stills, or a few fps.


More expensive modules, or ones like the raspberry pi camera have a mush more advanced interface, due to the need for a high speed interface to transfer high quality images at reasonable framerates.



Pick your camera, then read it's datasheet, it should explain it all.

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