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How to check error when using UART?

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You could get the MSP430 to echo back what it's received (or a checksum byte). It depends what the rest of your application is doing.


I dont want it to echo all income data back because I will send another data back.


I want to know how the parity works in this situation.

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If your question is how to enable parity and check it, I don't think there's anything in energia to make this happen (or the documentation is outdated)

If you don't need all 8 bits, you could use the msb as a parity bit and implement it in software.

So how to enable parity checking in ENERGIA?


In the other word, I want to make CRC checking while TX and RX.

Anyone has done this before?

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I just checked the serial code in energia, you can't do it directly.


I suppose you could play with the registers after doing a serial.begin to enable the parity bit but I don't know if this would conflict with the interrupt routines.


Try this way:

Computer transmits another byte named CRC.

On MCU, it will generate a CRC to check whether it matches with CRC code from Computer.


But I don't know where to find CRC function in energia.


I need CRC 8 Function.

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