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TI now will require .EDU or corporate Email addresses for samples.

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A few days ago, we launched an improved myTI account with better functionality, centralized activity and an enhanced personalized experience. A single login gives you access to several benefits. Login, update your profile, and continue enjoying all the design resources at your fingertips.


Beginning this fall, a valid .edu or business email domain is required to order free samples on www.ti.com. You are no longer able to use non-business email domains (e.g., gmail.com, yahoo.com, etc. when ordering samples online.)

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Not a problem for me, and I do appreciate why they'd go this way.

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I think they have had a bunch of free sample fraud happening. They discovered that a single person was requesting free samples under several differing email addresses. 


I believe this change is an attempt to curtail this type of fraud.


So, get yourself a domain, create an email address and you will be golden.

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Not sure what 'corporate' email would entail. Might be something as simple as some entity paying taxes, i.e like you'd be if self-employed.


I have 3 'corporate' email accounts I can pull from, from a few global wireless construction providers 'cause my work has left things in a state where I have to be involved in follow-up communications. My primary corporate account, the employer is supportive of employee side projects, if they can put their name on it.


I'd hazard to guess, .live, .yahoo and .gmail will be flagged, though.

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Not really  new policy. It has come and go several times in the last few years. About a year ago, I requested samples and used my yahoo account for convinience, and it was rejected. hat is the same account I have used for years, and is registered with TI and National, but..... Resubmit with work email, no problem.

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I was only sharing the gist of the email I'd received.


Freescale hasn't locked down things so much, yet.

I haven't requested anything from ST... so can't say much there, and Maxim, Atmel and AMS aren't locked down yet, as far as I can tell.

Cypress and others are actively filtering, and some are even charging at least for shipping.


Maybe, all I'm saying, is be kind and don't abuse the vendors' generosity.

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I think .edu is used almost exclusively in the US. Here in the Netherlands, all educational domains are .nl, as are companies, government, non-profits, etc.


Same here in Germany (no .edu for Universities, .de instead) ... had a phone call with TI a few minutes ago. She told me that I should wait till next monday and then try to place a sample order with my institutional E-Mail address. If I can't place the order, I should contact them again ... We'll see ...

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