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Bluetooth Project

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Hello Guys,


   Im on new project. Im need help. First explain short me project . 


   I want to connect a microcontroller via bluetooth to mobile phone. Only this have to do is know if microcontroller are on range.




 1. MSP430 or any suggested microcontroller work ?


 2. Which Bluetooth module work ?


   Its important the module do NOT have the antenna . Its part of my project design and implement the patch antenna. 


 Thanks for any suggestion 



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like this? 


the RF256x ez430 module does have onboard antenna - but i think you can take it off or bypass it to accomplish your goal - plus you can make sure it works or compare it to the one you do for performance benchmarks.


hope that helps out. 


all that was done here was to use the UART from -G2553 to the BT board...the NFC/RFID reader (TRF7970A BoosterPack) is providing the data which is shown on the phone using a BT SPP terminal program called LM BT Terminal





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My advice is actually to buy a module with an integrated antenna.

  1. For 2.45 GHz, it's ridiculous to use an SMA connector which is, in all likelihood, damn near as big as the antenna itself.  Just scrape-off the antenna trace with a razor blade, and solder your antenna assembly to the lead.
  2. This way, you also have a reference that you can compare your antenna design against.

Building a patch antenna for 2.45GHz shouldn't be too hard.  However, you must be very precise with the dielectric layer.  If the width of the dielectric layer not engineered to a tight tolerance, it will affect the resonant frequency.  A normal PCB is not tight enough in width or in dielectric constant, but you can use a tuning capacitor in this sort of project to deal with that.



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