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no wireless connectivity after firmware update

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Hi there!


I wanted to do a temperature logger with my chronos ez-430.

Everything worked fine, and I installed the DataLog firmware (correct frequency).

After that I wasn't able to communicate with the watch anymore.

Wireless update still works, but on the normal firmware i can't sync, yust like with datalog firmware.


do you have any suggestions on how to solve this?




Jonas Otto

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There should be source code for the programs, if it is TI provided. So, you may have to load the program into CCS, recompile, and flash from there. Do note that using the 'free' CCS, you are code size limited, and that's why TI provided the HEX- so you could flash those to the device since compiling the code would result in exceeding the code-size limit.


If you have HEX files, MSP430Flasher may be useful.


To be honest, I have Chronos with white PCBs and I understand they are significantly different than the black ones, so I'm not sure what to do.



But since you can still update wireless, it seems the issue may be 'simple', as in the data being sent from the watch to the computer isn't being interpreted correctly.

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