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Hi guys, I am working on a project and am in need of a second WiFi booster pack for my MSP430f5529LP.


I have been using energia code as a base for my project and it has been working great, but I recently decided I need a second MSP + BoosterPack.  Anyways, the TI store doesn't seem to be offering the CC3000 booster pack right now so I am wondering how easy it is to make my cc3000 code compatible with the cc3100 or cc3200 BoosterPack.


Does anyone have experience with this upgrade?


Thanks for the information.

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The new Energia 13 release adds a "WiFi" api that is CC3100/3200 only and I believe it's compatible with Energia's old SimpleLinkWiFi library. Beyond that I'm not sure how compatible the C APIs are since I never ended up working with my CC3000. It's not rocket science, although reading the innards of TI's SimpleLink API seems to be :P


(PS- Energia 13's WiFi lib has bugs but they can be remedied by snagging the current 'master' github code from the Energia project, more on that later)


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