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MSP430 based Nixie tube clock.     I was looking for some nice Nixie tube digit images so I could add them to my EduKit library, but I couldn't find any usable ones. I decided to just buy few of

This is how the display case option will look like. Standoffs will be white nylon, not brass. Screws will be silver. Faceplate can be used in 2 different ways, horizontal and vertical.  

Little demo  

Posted Images


I requested the source code about 8-9 months ago. I finally found some time to add an option for cathode poisoning prevention to trigger every 5 minutes.

The updated list of options are:

Cathode Poisoning Prevention Effects [0-3]

0. No effects

1. Slot machine (Every 1 Minute)

2. Slot machine (Every 5 Minutes)

3. Display time for 2 seconds, off for 8 seconds


I plan on trying to create a case to enclose the sides. If I come up with something I'll share it in this thread.


Thanks for creating a fun kit to build with clean code to modify.


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Hi All,

I just finished assembling and modifying this kit for my SO for Christmas. I put it in a vintage toaster from 1910. Works great and so cool! However, watch out for shorting anything while the clock is powered - I fried some transistors while playing around with it.

In any case, I made quite a few modifications and will post them here. I added the following components to the kit:

Arduino UNO I had lying around.

Random photodiode I had lying around.

Adafruit RTC module: https://www.adafruit.com/product/3013

Adafruit motion sensor: https://www.adafruit.com/product/189

I modified the code to use the photodiode and motion sensor to control the brightness of the display using PWM. I have attached that. It is not written with extreme discipline, but it works :)

Let me know what you guys think,




2018-12-25 12-17-01.jpeg

2018-12-25 12-17-15.jpeg

2018-12-25 12-18-02.jpeg

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Can someone please post or send me the build instructions for this clock? 

The link provided on the Tindie order page http://hexode.com/msp430nixie-v5.zip does not work.

I have built all that I can from looking at the picture but need to know where the small caps and transistors go.


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Hi Folks,

I'm curious if anyone with the V3 (2016-ish era) version of this clock still has their circuit schematic available to share?

I was moving mine the other day and after plugging it back in the clock wouldn't work; it would blink only briefly. I noted the power supply LED was blinking and thought maybe it had gone bad, but one new power supply later and the behavior was the same. I found that the power regulator was getting VERY hot so I replaced it, thinking maybe that was the problem (I know, I know, I'm just not that handy at diagnosing circuit issues yet). I'm not sure that's the case anymore nor am I sure the regulator I selected was appropriate. So I'm seeking out the V3 circuit schematic so I can see if I can determine what might be wrong as there have been some changes between V3 and V5.

Thanks a million!

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2 hours ago, zeke said:

I have a zip file of @RobG's Nixie Clock V3.

@RobG, I hope you are okay with me posting this?

@bluehash, please delete this if there is a problem

You're the best @zeke, I really appreciate you posting that and if it runs afoul of the rules here, please don't hesitate it take it down. I've got a copy and will keep it safe. Now hopefully I can sort out what's wrong with my clock.

Although if I can't I will say the V5 clock with the battery and blinking time separators are super tempting!

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