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MSP430 Nixie Clock

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MSP430 based Nixie tube clock.




I was looking for some nice Nixie tube digit images so I could add them to my EduKit library, but I couldn't find any usable ones. I decided to just buy few of them and photograph myself. Then I thought that it would be a horrible waste if they just sit in a drawer. So here it is, my first Nixie project since... 1987.


This clock will be available as kit, but since this is v1, I will most likely make some adjustments.

Any suggestions are welcome.


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That looks awesome.  I would love to hang one in my cube here at work. (I already have a nixie clock at home)


Something that you might consider is adding some blue led back lights to the tubes.  I built one for my brother that had them and they look really slick.

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@@cubeberg, the board you have is v1, which is pretty much a test board. It works perfectly, but there are two tiny problems.

Small ghosting, which is common when multiplexing Nixies. It's hardly noticeable, but I will try to fix it with few extra parts.

One Nixie pad is shifted, this will be fixed on v2 board. When using socket pins, everything is fine. When inserting tube w/o socket pins, tube's pin will get bent, so be careful. 




4x IN-12A tubes

48x Nixie socket pins

1x MSP430G2553IN20

1x CD4017*

1x MC34063

1x 20 DIP socket*

1x 16 DIP socket*

1x 8 DIP socket*

1x 1N914*

1x BAV21*

1x LM1117T-3.3V*

14x MPSA42*

4x MPSA92*

1x IRF740* or IRF830*

1x 2N3906*

1x 32,768 crystal*

2x 12mm x 12mm tact switch*

1x 2.1mm DC power jack, barrel type, PCB mount*

1x 220uH inductor, 8x10, >600mA

1x 10uF/250V*

3x 220uF/25V*

2x 0.1uF mono*

2x 2200pF mono*

1x 0.01uF mono*

5x 47k*(**)

5x 560ohm*(**)

1x 1k*

1x 470k*

1x 3.3k*

2x 1ohm*


* - Tayda electronics

** - those values will most likely change, but they are OK for now.



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