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This looks very neat and promising, but am not sure considering to get one myself at least in the near future. This is for two main reasons: 


1. already have some alternatives to achieve the same thing, which by the way is an openwrt routers plus an MSP430 LP.


2. the cost for each project is too high for me to invest into it. I am afraid that once I'm getting used to an Edison, i'll not be able to resist the urge to start every new project with a new Edison.. afaik an 430 LP is like 1/5 of the basic Edison (without any breakout).


I started out with Arduino, the MSP430 attracted me for its low cost and low power, and hobby friendly (when the good old 2213 LP was still selling at $4.3 and i can actually take the micro out and solder to something else), and i can learn low level programming with eclipse which i'm already familiar with. It appears to me, when I first saw Edison, the same analogy is happening:


Arduino && $$$$$ <-> MSP430 LP && $

Edison && $$$$$ <-> MSP430+openwrt && $


Honestly I'd rather spend my money on the new CC3200. Yes perhaps there are features that I'm not going to get with the cheaper solution, like compiling on spot inside the Edison for the micro (lke BBB?), but I don't really need that really.. The things that I can see Edison is adding to a micro is something higher level like wifi, networking, or high level language / script supports, which I already have in openwrt. Happy writing lua, grep, and shell scripts inside ssh shell to the openwrt to interact with the internet from my LP micro.


Anyway, the Edison is very attractive and imho could be the next wave for iot in the hobbyist / niche market who can afford it :)

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@@pineI agree the price is a little too high to just tinker.


What hardware are you using for openwrt?  I would like to find one with a lot of IO expansion capabilities.  I was hoping for this one https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/arbor-linux-shield-an-openwrt-wifi-development-board-for-arduino-other-mcus/x/4207492

but it didn't make funding.

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I have been using the TP Link 703N router hack to run openwrt. It is a compromise in cost that the communication with the micro has to be done in serial (using ser2net) via the 703N USB port. For me the Internet -> Serial served well and very stable on the F5529. I am not sure about the old 2553 classic LP as I have had problem on the serial interface of the later connecting to a beaglexm. The 703N is definitely not as neat (in appearence) as the one you mentioned and did not came with IO by itself. But it just work.


The official details to hack the openwrt is at http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-wr703n


And this is a more step by step guide http://wiki.xinchejian.com/wiki/Install_OpenWRT_on_TPlink_WR703N


The last one i bought (ok, i confess i got two ^_^ ) cost < US$20. Been very happy with it.

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