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Greetings from Hiatus138 (Gene Lewis) from portland, OR

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Well, I am glad to find such a fine home for the msp430 community to become a part of.

My name is Gene,and I have been teaching myself electronics for the last couple years, and once I got through understanding logic ICs etc, felt it was time to move up to microcontrollers.

I looked at arduino, but it seemed like a bit too much hand-holding for my taste, so got some avr mcus and attiny isp from adafruit and evilmadscientist, but ordered a launchpad at the same time, having seen it mentioned on hackaday and other places, the price was just right.

I had read that the msp430 line wasn't as well documented as avr, but I found that between 43oh! and various members blogs, and the TI site, I am swimming in information (in a good way) :-)

Getting started with the launchpad has been quite a bit easier than I expected, given that I had no coding experience nor any microcontroller experience.

Thank you to all of you who are sharing your knowledge. It may sound a bit cheesy, but it makes this world a better place! I hope to add to this community, and I am sure it will grow, probably LOTS.

I can forsee the launchpad taking a chunk out of arduino, as it can serve as a transition from dev board to bare mcu, or as a type of _way_ cheaper arduino, for those types who just stick a whole new arduino in each new project.

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