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ESI Project: Single-Point Sensing of Whole-Home Water Usage

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My city water rates are sky high so I was looking for a way to monitor my water usage and hopefully reduce it. I came across his paper "Single-Point Sensing of Whole-Home Water Activity" https://homes.cs.washington.edu/~jfogarty/publications/ubicomp2009.pdf .  They call the system HydroSense.




Instead of using a water flow sensor at every faucet, tub, shower and appliance that uses water, a single pressure sensor is used to detect the water usage at every location.  This is accomplished by learning and recognizing the unique pressure pattern when water is turned on or off at each water usage location.  In this way you know not only how much water is used but also which location is using the water without the high cost and complexity of installing sensors at every location.




One of the objectives of the HydroSense systems was to make it portable for a quick and easy install.  Therefore the single sensor/MCU was battery operated and could be installed on any water outlet including an outside faucet.


The following are the major components of the HydroSense system as described in the white paper.

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