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question about using f5529 launchpad to program g2553

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I've been thinking about using the f5529 launchpad board to program my g2553 chips. From what I understand, all I have to do is simply connect:


programmer side of board | g2553


3.3v == vcc pin




optional for UART:




And of course a 47K pull-up for RST and a 1 nF cap between RST and ground.


Is it that easy?


The reason I wanted to use the f5529 board was to get around things such as the 9600 baud serial limitation and such.

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For testing try this ..


Remove everything except the 3.3+, gnd, test, reset.


Get rid of the cap, led, led resistor .. resistors to power and gnd


run a wire from power rail gnd to gnd

run a wire from power rail 3.3v to vcc


See if you can program it. If so, add back in the led and resistor led.

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I've mostly been using the latest FRAM Launchpad as of late. Today, I spent some time trying to debug and load code using the latest MSP Debug Stack with these G series chips with the FET on an MSP430F5529-LP. I did experience some serious flakiness. There does seem to be issues using the latest firmware. Aside from random errors while trying to debug I've also noticed that the UART is much slower. (I'm using 32 Bit Ubuntu 14.04 )


I rolled back and loaded older firmware multiple times until I found one that worked well with these G series chips. I ended up with the libmsp430.so from CCS That seems to be the newest one that works reliably.



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