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Turn Signal/Hazard Flasher

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I was not entirely sure where to post this. The MSP430 is still very new to me. RobG helped me tremendously with some code for a very cool power/lighting controller for childrens battery powered ride on. While I can figure out a lot of stuff, it mostly comes from looking at other's code samples.


I have a new project I would like to do. A turn Signal/hazard Flasher. Would anyone be willing to help me with some code?


What I need is:


Inputs: (All inputs will be switched by ground)


Left Turn Signal

Right Turn Signal




Left Turn Signal

Right Turn Signal


I would like for the turn signal rate to be adjustable via a potentiometer. I would also like the hazard to have a Euro flash(two quick flashes). A video I found to describe the hazard flash.




The chips I have hand are MSP430G2452. Thanks in advance!


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Well, I have a custom car where I repalced 15lbs of wiring with a wireless control for the brakes and turn signals and hazards.

I have a little msp430 board that gets a 'turn left' message and does the flashing itself until it hears a no-turn or right-turn message,

and then it stops flashing.  Actual flashing code is about as simple as it gets, just use the watchdog timer at 1 second intervals,

and turn on/off the light. You need a 3v relay or mosfet to toggle the 12v power (I use LEDs for my lights also, very low power)

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