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Altium - free version

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I use KiCAD, which is, in a sense, completely free.


i went to KiCAD from Eagle and I'm happy. I also tried Altium, but it seemed to me all was a bit less user friendly than in the recent CERN's KiCAD releases.


Only what I miss in KiCAD is lack of automated integrated autorouter, freerouter is a replacement, but it is not a part of the distribution.


btw: MultiSIM (blue) will be free and should have the PCB design *free.

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I still use Circutmaker 2000 sometimes direct from small pendrive... i need only two updates - polygon and shape based manual router.

But i think that CAD without saving is the stupid idea - how to send pcb to manufacturing?


Altium goes down , do not listen to engineers and doing something like microsoft Windows 8.1.

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@@traxman = What does Win8.1 have to do with this?


And I agree that not permitting local saves is ridiculous. What happens if their servers crash or are hacked? Where's the backup?

It's like saying, "Here's my car. You can drive it all you like. We'll even put the gas in it. BUT you have to park in our garage and can only use these roads here, unless you pay for these other roads you want to drive on.



*edit- added "to drive on".

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