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Dear all,




I am new to this forum. I found that energia IDE work similar to arduino IDE based on library functions.


My questions are 

1) I have worked on various library based IDE like mpide, uecide I found that some library wont work on some controller Like SoftwareSerial on chipkit uno32 by mpide IDE,


I would like to know if someone used IDE what are library it really worked for them.


I am looking for below library

1)basic: analogRead(); digitalRead();digitialWrite();Serial.print();Serial.println()

2) Wire: wire.read();wire.write();wire.begin(), wire.start(),wire.endtransmission()







9)math library


question 2:


In some of data sheet it mentioned the analog port is 12 bit resolution and they not mentioned what is voltage level we can give at analog port like in Arduino. In this situation What i need to consider. 


In some of example in energia, eventhrough its is 12 bit resolution. Why devide voltage by 1024 instead of 4096???



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Please specify what family of processor you are interested in - Energia supports several very different processors.

(MSP430, Tiva/Stellaris, CC3200, C2000)  

Which libraries people have ported depends a lot on what device.

(For instance the Tiva launchpad has a whole mess of hardware serial ports, so unless you have very special needs there is little point in using software serial on it.)


A good place to start to see which libraries people have run on Energia is the libraries fora:


Also, for ARM (Tiva/Stellaris/CC3200): http://forum.stellarisiti.com/forum/64-energia-libraries/



See also:



Some of the libraries you ask about are not precisely specified enough to give a meaningful answer.

(e.g. What kind of LCD?  What math library?)


2) The voltage on analog port depends on the device.  (I think most of them can take up to the processor voltage, however the CC3200 is more limited).  So not something can answer without knowing what processor family you are using, and what voltage you are running the processor at.

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