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Maker Faire NY 2014 Complimentary Tickets

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Hi Everyone!

We got accepted for a table at this years World Maker Faire NY 2014

@@spirilis, @@RobG and myself will be there showing off your Launchpad designs. I'll be setting up early on Saturday( 20th).


Time to give back. If you are visiting the Faire, please let me know below. Make sure you are coming so that the ticket gets used.

I'll wait till Tuesday 5:00PM EST. Tickets will be given out to members in order of reputation points... or you could win and then give away your ticket to someone who wants it.


I have one complimentary ticket( maybe one more ) and 5 discount tickets.


Enter your name like below:

[1]Your member name----------Day


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It's the same day as the Maker Faire here! To bad i won't be able to go to any of them.


I wish you good luck and i hope you get allot of people visiting your contribution 



Man! I wished I were closer to New York! I would love to come down and hang out with everyone :-/


Have fun and take pictures for us.

Yes.. of course will take pictures.

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