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My Attempt at the LaunchPad ZIF socket

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Hi All,


I have read the other posts about the problems with attempting to unsolder the chip socket from the mps430 launchpad.  Believe me I have a stack of trashed boards that have the through hole copper trace shot.  I also wanted to retain the onboard 32Khz watch crystal.


So digging through the parts box and trying different things I came up with the following easy to install version of the ZiIF socket install.


I purchased some 10 pin female header sockets, trimmed the pins down.  Purchases a few ZIF sockets, mine indicate TFXTDOL.


Removed the msp430 chip, Inserted the female pin headers and inserted the ZIF socket.


Concerned that the longer pins and socket would interfere with the operation of the watch crystal I downloaded the Verify_Crystal and tested the program.


At first I had some issues with the crystal faulting.  But after added the following line to the program.  The Verify_Crystal program runs just fine.


BSCCTL3 |= XCAP_3;  which enables the 12.5 pF.


Enclosed are some pics.


Easy Peasy





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Good question. The chip socket that TI uses has small round holes.  The ZIF socket will not fit directly into the chip mounted on the launchpad. If you look at the pins on the ZIF

socket they are wide and flat.  The male pins on the female header socket are small enough to fit directly to the socket on the launchpad.


Thus the two part solution is required.





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