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One Wire Controller booster

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Well, it had been way too long since I worked on this project so decided to get busy this week.

I just finished assembling four prototypes and now I am debugging the hardware. 

I still have to write some device drivers and design a rudimentary operating system for it.

At this time, I am planning on having the datalogger report its results over the serial port. Another program will be waiting for the results to come in. I want to store them in some sort of database then display them in some sort of dashboard. 

I want to keep the overall complexity of the system low because I am afraid of not completing the project. I am the customer.

You may be asking "Why?" 

Because I want to keep my skills up and I want to force myself to learn new things.

Feel free to ask questions.






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It's Alive!

I was able to get the FR5989 to program with some rudimentary code that blinks the LEDs and echos characters from the serial port.

So I am pretty happy!



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If anyone is curious, I have been developing the edge router app in pyqt5 on linux.

Here is one of the better tutorials that I have found on learning PyQt5.

Apparently, there are two different sources to get PyQt5 from:

  1. PyQt5 from Riverbank Computing, and
  2. Qt for Python  from Qt.com, which was originally called PySide(2)

PyQt5 is a bit of a mind bender at the start, but it gets better as you climb the learning curve.

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Yeah, I built that.

I was inspired by something similar a friend of mine created about ten years ago.

I also found the book Programming Embedded Systems in C and C++ by Michael Barr to be exceptionally helpful. Chapter nine specifically.

So, back when I discovered the loss of my marquee clock code, I went on a rampage to re-write the lost code.

The first thing I did was figure out how to write a command line interface parser equal to or better than my friend's cli.  

Initially, for some reason, I wrote an AT command parser for the marquee clock. But, I found it to be unfriendly. So, I re-wrote it as a human friendly variant.

I pulled that cli into this data logger when I decided to go on a sprint to develop this code.

Now I am on a rampage learning how to program in PyQt5. I am hoping to have a proof of concept SCADA program. 

Hopefully, I will have something to demonstrate when I meet up with some friends at the end of the month.

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