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One Wire Controller booster

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After a few busy months, I've managed to get back to this project.


I've tidied up the layout and added in useful silkscreen information.


I have also renamed the board to Hydra: One Wire DataLogger because it has eight One Wire Master bus ports.


It also has a split personality: It can be either a BoosterPack or a LaunchPadXL.


I say this because I've added jumpers to flip the MSP430 UART between DTE or DCE mode. In one setting, the MSP430 is a DTE (LaunchPad mode). In the other setting, the MSP430 is a DCE (BoosterPack mode). So, I can mate this board to either my Dev support board or to a CC3200 board and it will be able to communicate in both scenarios.


This is what it looks like tonight.





Now I just have to get this board fabbed and get cracking on the firmware. That should be an adventure.

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I am excited about this one. I finally made some time to work on my one wire controller board tonight.  I placed all the component on it tonight and it looks good to me.    This design has a single

IT'S ALIVE!!!!   I have 104 ds18b20 sensors wired into my board and it is reading them all. I am celebrating! WOO HOO! Now it's time to crush an mqtt server!  

After a few busy months, I've managed to get back to this project.   I've tidied up the layout and added in useful silkscreen information.   I have also renamed the board to Hydra: One Wire DataLo

Posted Images

This is the Development Support Board for the Hydra design.


I call it The Orb because it's the Hydra's power source. Yeah, I'm being silly with the name. It amuses me. 


It provides power and serial communications to the Hydra board. Since it's XL compatible, it ought to drive most XL LaunchPads as well. 


It features:

  1. An E585460 LiPo battery - 2000mAh
  2. A TPS63020 Buck/Boost regulator
  3. A BQ24072 USB driven powerpath LiPo charger
  4. A SiLabs CP2102 USB UART (because it just works)
  5. LaunchPad-XL pinout
  6. It will power a LaunchPad but without +5V (exclusive XL feature)

Today, I placed all the components. Tomorrow, I'll start routing the board.






The design is done in Altium.


I'm now wondering if I should be putting this stuff in a github repo. What do you all think of that?


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I made some time tonight to put together two boards for my One Wire datalogger system.


They are the data sources for the Hydra datalogger board so I figured that I should come up with silly names for them. 


Since the Hydra has eight ports, I decided that it needed some tentacles to complete the metaphor.


I present to you The Tentacle TH and DS.


The Tentacle TH uses the MAX31850K to read K type thermocouples.

The Tentacle DS uses the DS18B20 in SOIC8 and TO92 flavours. It also has a three pin terminal block for off board sensors.






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Yeah, I've been sitting on this design way too long.  It's time to fab some boards.




Dev Support board with LiPoly power and USB UART IO



DS Backside



One Wire Master is able to be both a Booster board or a master board



OWM backside



One Wire Temp sensor board that has various Dallas Semiconductor footprints



One Wire Thermocouple board





Anyone know of a quick turn pcb shop that has excellent pricing?

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Anyone know of a quick turn pcb shop that has excellent pricing?

Hi Zeke,


I was using http://www.pcbway.com/ at work and for a private project or two. At work we paid for fast shipping on some small simple boards that we needed quickly, the boards got here in less than a work week and looked good (and performed well). Otherwise you can check on http://www.pcbshopper.com/, they run comparisons on your size and time-requirements to help you find the optimal boardhouse.


(I am unaffiliated with either company, only a customer and I used pcbshoppers website).

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Hi @@zeke


in my (limited) opinion, their work is good. Here's a board (the gerbers came from an eevblog member,[1] not mine) I had made privately:






I had some made, the one I soldered the components on works perfectly.


Of the ones from work I don't have any pictures obviously, they were only for a small project with a few components. The finish there was ENIG, which also turned out really well.



[1] http://www.eevblog.com/forum/testgear/point-me-to-latest-info-on-dyi-dsoxlan/msg823148/#msg823148

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Anyone know of a quick turn pcb shop that has excellent pricing?


I was going to give PCBway a shot too, but smart-prototyping turned out to be cheaper. and they'll do the metal stencils too (saves shipping)


Alot of services are cheaper than others for particular projects. In my experience PCBs from: Seeedstudio, Itead, elecrow, smartprototyping, dirtyPCBs are all exactly the same quality. Not surprising since they probably all end up at the same fabs in china anyway....



Your PCBs are looking great @@zeke. I think I could have a few uses for the Thermocouple board, primarily for my reflow oven... :P

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@@greeeg , iirc they do stencils, too. But as you say, depending on use case and shipping specifics the one or the other may be cheaper.


@@zeke, not sure if you got my PM? Tapatalk was hiccupping yesterday night.


Edit: I should read all posts in a thread...


Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk

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