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ADC sample capture in one port on MSP430

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hello friends, 
I have a big problem with small MSP430G2553, I would like to make a capture samples at P1.2 of the microcontroller, 
but my code does not work, what am I doing wrong, can someone help me.
My code:
unsigned int adcValue = 0;
int i, BPM[10];
int maior = BPM[0];
int menor = BPM[0];
int contagem =0;

/********* LOCAL FUNCTIONS                               *********/

void ADC_ConfigAnalogInput(void){


    ADC10CTL0 &= ~(ENC);

    ADC10CTL1  = (INCH_0 + ADC10DIV_0);

    ADC10CTL0  = (SREF_0 + ADC10SHT_3 + ADC10ON + ADC10IE);

    ADC10AE0  |= BIT0;

    ADC10CTL0 |= ENC;


void ADC_ReadAnalogInput(void){

while (ADC10CTL1 & BUSY);               // WAIT IF BUSY


__bis_SR_register(CPUOFF + GIE);        // LPM0, ADC10_ISR will force exit

 adcValue = ADC10MEM;




unsigned int ADC_GetValue(void)


    return adcValue;
    for (j=0;j<timer; j++){
     if(maior < BPM[i]){
            maior = BPM[j];
        if(menor > BPM[j]){
            menor = BPM[j];
contagem =0;


/********* END                                           *********/


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