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ESI Project: Fitness monitor

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My entry into the ESI competition. http://forum.43oh.com/topic/5750-scan-interface-applications-five-members-win-a-target-board-and-an-msp-fet/#entry50156



A better fitness monitor, Built into a shoe. The ESI would be used to drive and measure pressure sensor(s) to detect walking/running/standing.


This application would also benefit from the MSP's ultralow power. The entire system could potentially be powered from kinetic energy harvestin


The ESI module in the new MSP430FR6969's allows excitation and monitoring of various raw sensor formats. My idea is to leverage this to create simple pressure sensors, The idea right now is to make these with an inductor and capacitor created from two aluminum strips attached to a foam shoe sole.


Obviously alot can and will change over time with this project. Initially I would be happy with a shoe that acts like a pedometer.

Future features could include

  • Wireless to transmit readings, to a chronos watch for example.
  • Energy harvesting to remove the need for any form of battery
  • Some for of haptic feedback

Ideally the entire circuit will be included in a shoe sole. This will add a bit of extra complexity, ensuring that components are protected from excessive force, heat, shock etc.



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Update: Kit arrived today, FET should be along any day now.



What comes in the kit.



Hmmm, Chips.



Locked and loaded, ready to roll.


Unfortunately I just re-installed this laptop, a HP 11" chromebook. running ubuntu on it's slow ARM dual core.

Because I'd just re-installed I hadn't put on the drivers. But I have compiled msp430-elf gcc.



This is my setup.


Just compiling a libmsp430.so driver so I can use the exFET lite to probe the chip.



Edit, update:

libmsp430.so compiled. ezFET lite updated.

Ran mspdebug tilib

Device: MSP430FR6989 (id = 0x0160)
Chip ID data: a8 81 21


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I received my packages in the reverse order-- MSP-FET first followed by the target board/chips a few days later. I have to admit that it took me a long time to figure out how the ZIF holder works! I have only used DIP ZIFs so far-- the ones with a lever on the side. I kept pushing the frame down and wondering how I get it to latch. Yes, I finally figured it out but it took a long time.

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