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How to change command line arguments to gcc in Energia?

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How can I add a switch to the g++/gcc command line (or do something equivalent) in Energia?


I am importing a library (FastLED) which generates a bunch of warnings about needing 




Example warning message:

FeatureDemo.ino:655:98: warning: extended initializer lists only available with -std=c++11 or -std=gnu++11 [enabled by default]


I would like to make those warnings go away (both for me, and be able to tell anyone else using the library how to make them go away).  I have hunted through the menus, through the customization file and looked at the gcc documentation (for environment variables, etc.)  So far haven't found how to either add this to the command line Energia uses to invoke gcc, or how to tell gcc to do the same thing by other means.



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